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# look at her in that second gif # that’s some great animation # you can tell exactly what’s going through her mind # seeing what her father has created # and her disdain for it but also the excruciating nature of the choice she’s about to make 

look at this woman, look at her

i love her holy shit thank you so much show goddamn

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Anonymous asked:

Remember when Aang got shot and killed by Azula in Ba Sing Se? He was in the avatar state when that happened, and Roku told him that if the avatar is killed while in the avatar state, the avatar will cease to exist. So amon is not part spiritual avatar nor is he Aang.

That’s true.. Amon is….. Is he even human? I mean really. He can take bending away and Blood bending doesn’t stop him from doing what he wants. So does that mean he is related to the avatar? or did he gain that power on his own. I hate waiting all week for the next episode. 

The suspense is driving me crazy!

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